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  1. Serious Engine 3 discussion thread
  2. The "Bug-Me" Thread: Your Questions for Croteam
  3. Serious Sam HD!
  4. First!
  5. Official News Thread
  6. All the news articles quote this as being a remake of the First Encounter, but...
  7. [News] Serious Sam HD Announced for PC and XBLA for Xbox 360 Platforms
  8. Local co-op? System link/LAN co-op?
  9. Second Encounter, in the form of DLC?
  10. PC: Level Editing?
  11. [News] Croteam Answers Questions On Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3
  12. 4 player coop?
  13. [News] Serious Sam HD Could Hit PlayStation 3, But Would You Buy It?
  14. Serious Sam 2 HD???
  15. Devolver Digital Twitter
  16. [News] Serious Sam HD Screenshots
  17. Deathmatch in SS HD?
  18. OMG Are you guys for real!? XD Best ad ever!
  19. [News] Serious Sam HD Wrapup
  20. [News] Serious Sam HD for PS3 Petition
  21. Achievement suggestions!
  22. Seriously Warped Deatchmatch HD?
  23. [News] Serious Sam HD Box Art
  24. Looks like we've got the realistic Sam again.
  25. [News] Seven New Serious Sam HD Screenshots
  26. Pre-Emptive Mod Planning for SS HD
  27. So is Karnak during the day, night, or both?
  28. System Requirements?
  29. SSHD Trailer online!
  30. SSHD Gnaar vs CSSII Gnaar
  31. [News] Serious Sam HD Gameplay Trailers
  32. [News] Serious Sam HD Playable at PAX
  33. Minimal System Requirements
  34. Xbox Live Arcade or PC version?
  35. Public Beta???
  36. [News] Serious Sam HD Supermercial on G4TV
  37. The "Bug-Me" Thread: Answers
  38. You know what could be great?
  39. Loading of a map during connection to a server
  40. [News] Official Serious Sam HD Homepage Launched!
  41. Serious Sam "HD" monitor?
  42. Any info on release date for full/demo?
  43. [News] Serious Sam HD Hands-On Preview by Gaming Nexus
  44. Pre-Order Serious Sam HD
  45. So has the game been delayed?
  46. Play with developers
  47. [News] More Serious Sam HD Screenshots
  48. I want my Serious Sam in HD!
  49. [News] I Want My Serious Sam in HD!
  50. [News] Serious Sam HD Summer Vacation Photos!
  51. [News] Another SS HD Preview from PAX
  52. Beyond Serious Sam 1st & 2nd HD?
  53. [News] New Serious Sam HD Trailer
  54. [News] IGN's Serious Sam HD Hands-On Preview
  55. [News] Eurogamer's Serious Sam HD Hands-On Preview
  56. [News] IncGamers Serious Sam HD Hands-On Preview
  57. first or second encounter? \=
  58. What kleer versions there are?
  59. Suggestions for model pack
  60. A solution for lack of same room co-op?
  61. For what you expect the most?
  62. Second Encounter Weapons in SS:HD!
  63. [News] Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Released Uncut in Germany Mid November
  64. [News] Serious Sam HD Achievements "Leaked"!
  65. SS HD Achievements.
  66. [News] Serious Sam HD on Steam!
  67. [Twitter] Win Free Copy of Serious Sam HD!
  68. [News] Serious Sam HD System Requirements
  69. So,when is this thing comming out?
  70. Where the game would be released?
  71. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Has Gone Gold!
  72. [News] Serious Sam HD for PC Has Gone Gold!
  73. Game requirments
  74. Kad dolazi?
  75. [News] Preorder Serious Sam HD on Steam Now and Get 10% Discount!
  76. Steamversion - GFWL + Enemy count
  77. How can I actually buy(preorder?)some thing from Steam.
  78. "Please ----"
  79. Release date for XBLA version of SSHD
  80. When does HD come out?
  81. [News] Official Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Steam Community Group
  82. New Art.
  83. STEAM only?
  84. Splitscreen on PC? Enemy count on X360?
  85. First(?) Serious Sam HD Clan
  86. Will the boxed version come out at the same time as the Steam version?
  87. SS:HD perspective
  88. is Karnak night or day?
  89. PC Release next week! :D
  90. Music & Sound
  91. November 24th POSSIBLY confirmed?
  92. [News] Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Release Date Announced!
  93. [News] Serious Sam HD Launch Trailer
  94. GNU/Linux
  95. Dedicated servers?
  96. amazon is selling the game now
  97. Retail version release date is 24 november?
  98. Serious Sam: HD - Chris's Weapon/Explosion Sound Mod
  99. I am a bit confused about Serious Sam HD
  100. I Can't Play It :(
  101. It's today...
  102. What do YOU think SS HD will be like?
  103. [News] Serious Sam HD Launch Party
  104. So...
  105. can i run serious sam HD on my PC?
  106. Serious Sam HD in 4 Hours?
  107. Seriously! Steamed Community Players Sign-in Here!
  108. SSHD in stores
  109. Serious Sam HD.... Installing Now
  110. Downloading now!
  111. wowo game rocks
  112. Steam Launch Options
  113. technical problems thread
  114. Serious audio issue
  115. Controller help
  116. Probs with gfx
  117. Nvidia users - SLI profile
  118. [News] Serious Sam HD Released!
  119. Co-op with Croteam *PICTURE AND SPOILER HEAVY*
  120. Crashing to Desktop
  121. Serious Sam HD Is there a way to record?
  122. No Deathmatch?
  123. No add-on .gro?
  124. You are kidding me, right?
  125. Audio / Steam Issue
  126. Dedicated Server Support?
  127. server browser not showing games
  128. WTB Serious Partner for Co-op Serious Mode
  129. XAudio2 libraries problem
  130. Game won't launch (Steam)
  131. Are refunds available?
  132. So is anybody else getting a BSOD?
  133. Quick little video walkthrough of Serious Sam HD
  134. Sound Issues
  135. Torch dynamic lighting issues in stereoscopic 3D
  136. Serious Sam HD - Likes/Dislikes
  137. Submit Bug/Glitch Reports Here
  138. Turn off active crosshair?
  139. Will it work for vista?
  140. Sound crackling on rear speakers
  141. how to buy something from steam?
  142. Netricsa = Crash
  143. NVIDIA Drivers - IMPORTANT - 195.55
  144. [News] Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Co-Op Session With Croteam
  145. Answers to the Most Common Problems
  146. Post your screenshots ***SPOILERS***
  147. High ping when hosting.
  148. Where is the retail version?
  149. Unable to load Level
  150. Various Problems [Game crashing, freezing, FPS drops...]
  151. Your Serious Sam HD Status?
  152. Unofficial Official - Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Achievements Status
  153. Things i wished and wanted for SS HD
  154. Serious Sam Freezing 2nd level headless guys screaming scene
  155. Random Bits of Geometry disappear momentarily (Very Minor issue)
  156. glitches game.pls heelp CROTEAM
  157. Game unplayable, ATI 4670 and 9.11 Catalyst Drivers
  158. Direct X error...
  159. [News] Eurogamer Reviews Serious Sam HD
  160. Cheats?
  161. How to change FOV?
  162. Stuttering Problem Observation
  163. Can't adjust Voice Transmit Volume
  164. [News] Videogamer.com Reviews Serious Sam HD
  165. Cannot load level error
  166. Serious Sam The Second Encounter HD?
  167. Can't disable mouse acceleration
  168. SE Weapons?
  169. In-game co-op chat?
  170. [News] Sixteen Reasons To Play Serious Sam HD
  171. Bought Serious Sam HD on Steam
  172. Serious Sam HD - Serious Suggestions (sorta!)
  173. dedicated server
  174. Loading Screen Progression Map
  175. Serious Sam HD FAQ
  176. Offline LAN
  177. Post your SS:HD videos
  178. Crashing to Desktop
  179. xaudio2 error in win 7 x64 (44.1khz fix doesnt work)
  180. Things that are "weird"
  181. What everyone should know about leaderboards and score...
  182. Found Devoloper cheats :D
  183. Serious Pack?
  184. How can i change the language?
  185. Game Crashing On Ugh-Zan
  186. Just finished Serious Sam HD The First Encounter on Serious and no achievement?
  187. No dedicated servers? What is this, a joke?
  188. Missing left-rear sound on quad speaker setup (4/4.1)
  189. Steamworks
  190. Funny Exploit in Metropolis
  191. Edges of Shadows are Distorted
  192. Steam Version does not work
  193. Sam TV HD!
  194. Stuttering when using AA
  195. How to disable Voice-decreasing while talking?!
  196. Poor Performance Near Water
  197. few lacks features
  198. Shadows
  199. Beat it (Single Player)
  200. Serious Editor 3 ?
  201. German translation
  202. Serious Mentally Ill - Almost finished SS HD on Mental
  203. [News] More RPS Love for Serious Sam HD
  204. [News] Giant Bomb Quick Look at Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD
  205. Splitscreen
  206. [News] Bit-tech.net Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Review
  207. Fool me once but not twice Croteam
  208. Posting videos for each level of the game
  209. Unofficial Official ~ Serious Mental Club ~
  210. Serious Sam HD in the Media (News Trackbacks)
  211. Mental Mode won't unlock!
  212. Netricsa really Slow
  213. Only my KB/Mouse settings won't save?! + Sound issues
  214. Crash while end-level
  215. Save game
  216. No sound, tried all fixes
  217. Mouse sensitivity
  218. When comes the editor for SSFEHD ?
  219. Where are Deathmatch, Dedicated Servers, and the Editor Man???!??!
  220. Water.
  221. Graphic Options. [Are there AA or AF settings?]
  222. Sound seriosly screwed up?
  223. help me plz with standard font
  224. Croteam I Love You
  225. Disappearing Corpses and Num Keys
  226. SSHD skins for TF2
  227. Serious Sam Second Encounter HD Picture found ^_^
  228. [News] Destructoid Reviews SS HD: TFE
  229. Recursive crash puts paid to ever finsihing the game!
  230. any news on the 360 version?
  231. Anyone got AA to work? (HD4850)
  232. Moon mountains.
  233. [News] Deathmatch and Dedicated Servers Coming Soon to Serious Sam HD!
  234. [News] Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Officially Announced
  235. Muzzle flash
  236. Patched?
  237. Serious Sam Second Encounter Officialy Confirmed for Early 2010 + New Co-op Mode
  238. No sound even after patch
  239. [News] SS HD: TFE Update released
  240. Demo Recording/Playback
  241. Multiple pack bundle price
  242. Post patch crashing, possibly sound-related
  243. XBLA SS:TFE HD Delayed.
  244. Some files i found in the .gro files
  245. What patch?
  246. Mental (X83) in single player??
  247. Out of ideas [Sound troubles]
  248. The little things
  249. Serious Questions about Serious Sequel Chapters
  250. To people still having sound problems after patch (croteam should read this too)