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  1. [Map] Watchman's Keep SP/COOP - Final Release Out!
  2. [Tutorial] The Second Encounter HD: Serious Secrets
  3. [Model] Shotgun replacement mod for Second Encounter HD released
  4. [Resource] New Enemy Variations Pack - Mapping resource "mod"
  5. [Mod] Next Encounter PC Remake Announced
  6. [Tutorial] Quick reminder: Don't forget to clean out your saves folder!
  7. [Map] SinCity - map for SSHD TSE
  8. [Review] Serious Sam HD: TFE: a Serious Review
  9. [Map] The Forgotten City
  10. [Mod] Gnaarball - A gnaar replacement for cannonballs released!
  11. [Tutorial] Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD
  12. [Review] Mongo's Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Review
  13. [Model] M8 Avenger (aka the assault rifle from Mass Effect) weapon mod for SEHD released!
  14. [Map] War Map - Random Map found on ModDB.
  15. [Map] Nuclear Launch Detected (DM) Map
  16. [Sound/Music] Classic Zorg sounds for Second Encounter HD
  17. [Map] Solais' Survival Pack
  18. [Review] SS 1 and SS HD
  19. [Map] DWANGO Map01 : The SamHD remake
  20. [Map] Longest Yard (Quake Classic)
  21. [Map] Compound HD
  22. [Map] Path to Borealis HD
  23. [Tutorial] Random questions thread
  24. [Model] WTF Serious Bomb!
  25. [Map] Mental4 map's HD - TFE
  26. [Mod] Stronger Harpy mod
  27. [Mod] No More Hitscan Arachnoids (SSHD version)
  28. [Model] Beheaded Sirians Enemy Pack
  29. [Mod] New Creature Framework
  30. [Mod] FE Style HUD Mod
  31. [Model] Serious Sam 3 style Khnum for SSHD (normal user and level designer versions) UPDATED!
  32. [Mod] Legend of the Beast Improvement Mod
  33. [Map] Egypt Survival Map Pack
  34. [Map] [WIP]DM_refinery
  35. [Model] Serious Sam HD: TSE 3 Weapon Skins Mod
  36. [Mod] Classic Doom-style gameplay for Serious Sam HD
  37. [Sound/Music] Serious Sam Test 1 Sound Replacement Mod for SSHD
  38. [Model] XBOX Beheaded guys for SSHD
  39. [Map] Mental's Base HD (WIP) v0.25 released!
  40. [Resource] (WiP) - New headman/beheaded
  41. [Map] (Survival) Water Temple
  42. [Map] Tropical Palace [Closed Project]
  43. [Tutorial] Want Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter's multiplayer for free? Check this thread!
  44. [Tutorial] Server GUI for TFE and TSE (Dedicated Server Runner)
  45. [Mod] Serious HD Mod from Moddb.com
  46. [Sound/Music] Serious Sam Classic FE Lasergun Sound Mod for SSHD
  47. [Map] [SP] Hidden in the pyramid
  48. [Resource] Sound Resource for SS3 & SSHD
  49. [Map] New Kingdom
  50. [Map] Pallymensch & Rakanishu Survival Mappack Thread
  51. [Map] SV - Traped
  52. [Map] DM_Shotgun Wars
  53. [Review] A Legend of the Beast Review
  54. [Mod] The Awesome Encounter Mod
  55. [Resource] Khnum Pack (+10 Custom Khnums)
  56. [Mod] "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod
  57. [Model] Beam Gun for HD!(Minigun replacement)
  58. [Model] Test 1 Armor for SSHD
  59. [Map] [Chapter] Darkness of the Underworld (Demo)
  60. [Map] Darkness of the Underworld second demo, and more
  61. [Map] Brkeen Chevap - Survival
  62. [Map] Survival - Runes
  63. [Map] The Lost Forrest - Survival
  64. [Tutorial] SED3/3.5 Indepth Video Tutorial (Player Models)
  65. [Tutorial] SED3/3.5 Indepth Video Tutorial (Weapons)
  66. [Sound/Music] Beefier Shotgun Sounds for SSHD
  67. [Model] Santa Sammy HD!
  68. [Mod] Serious Sam HD: Extended
  69. [Model] Orange Lasergun Mod for SSHD
  70. [Model] BFE-Style Aludran Reptiloid Common
  71. [Mod] Biomechanoid's SSHD Gameplay Tweak Mod
  72. [Map] Traped - Survival
  73. [Sound/Music] Serious Sam 3 sounds for HD!
  74. [Mod] Serious Sam HD: BFE
  75. [Model] BFE-Style Shotguns and Gloves
  76. [Mod] Static and Rotating Cannon Netricsa Description Mod
  77. [Sound/Music] Ugh-Zan III Sound Mod
  78. [Model] Mental Mate Player Model
  79. [Model] Mental Mary Player Model
  80. [Model] Commando Carl Player Model
  81. [Model] Beheaded Soldiers with Heads Mod
  82. [Mod] Serious Fantasy Legends: HD Edition (Map Selection Poll)
  83. [Tutorial] Cloth and Wind Tutorial for Serious Editor 3/3.5
  84. [Mod] Serious Sam HD: Project Beta
  85. [Model] Minecraft Swords replacing Knife!
  86. [Model] Zorg Player Model Pack
  87. [Tutorial] SedIT - The Dedicated Serious Engine and Editor 3+ User's Tutorials and Guides -
  88. [Model] AS-24 Devastator Mod
  89. [Mod] Serious Carnage
  90. [Mod] Super S! Kart (Mario Kart Map Pack)
  91. [Map] Uncertain Prayer - SSHD map
  92. [Model] Sauerbraten Skins Pack
  93. [Map] Serpana Chambers
  94. [Map] Chinese Chapter
  95. [Tutorial] Tracking players programatically via dedicated server log
  96. [Model] Classic Next Encounter Enemies mod SSHD/SS2
  97. [Tutorial] Engine & Editor 3.0/3.5 Compendium & Commentary
  98. [Mod] Serious Fantasy: Legends HD Edition
  99. [Map] Sunset at the Island Cliff - Survival
  100. [Mod] Serious Sam HD: Extended - Open Beta Testing (Open Beta 2 is OUT!)
  101. [Map] The Grand Obelisk Enhanced
  102. [Review] Utterly mediocre
  103. Custom HUD Icons not working in-game?
  104. [Review] The Forgotten City - Video Review
  105. [Map] VS Maps: Kingdom Hearts Vs.
  106. [Model] Christmas Hats for SF:L HD Characters
  107. [Map] Mental4 map's HD - TSE
  108. [Model] Headless Soldier Horde Mod?
  109. [Tutorial] General Modding Standards and Information
  110. [Tutorial] 3ds Max exporter
  111. Detector-triggered Boss
  112. serious editor and blender
  113. Want to do some quick weapon stat tweaking
  114. Baking crumbs on A channel (not R, G, B) in terrain
  115. Shadows
  116. Questions
  117. What new functions would you like to see in Serious Editor?
  118. Edit Sounds Not In Player Schemes
  119. I want to make a Chinese language patch.
  120. Enemies not moving after they spawn
  121. Maps
  122. Forgotten Battlefield bug
  123. Transparent textures (And possibly smooth model)?
  124. Serious Editor 3.0 crashing (Log attached)
  125. Adding physics to a model?
  126. Simple way to mod existing original Survival mode maps to enable saved games?
  127. Altering Camera Settings
  128. Any way to get rid of the Colt/Knife?
  129. How to convert a SSHD .tex to .tga?
  130. [Misc] My first making of a Map - General Problems
  131. [Tutorial] Convert your SS1 maps to SSHD!
  132. Kukulkan particles
  133. [Misc] [HELP] Convert .jpg or .png TO .tex (SED3)
  134. [Map] [PROBLEM] Texturing specific polygons
  135. [Map] [PROBLEM] Sun, Lightmaps and Shadows
  136. [Misc] [HELP]Karnak style portals?
  137. [Tutorial] Getting Normal map textures to work properly for SSHD Custom Models
  138. [Mod] Serious Sam HD Extended: Episode 1 release thread!
  139. [Map] 16th street fight
  140. Editing of position of the camera in Z axis
  141. [Misc] READ THIS FIRST
  142. [Campaign/Mission Pack] Serious Sam HD: Project Redemption
  143. [Model] SeriousAlexej 3DS Max exporter plugin
  144. [Model] Porting FBX Animations to SED3
  145. [Resource] All SSHD .lws animation sources exported to .fbx
  146. [Model] How modify a mesh in a official model in SEd 3.0 ?
  147. [Model] Anyone know how to fix this?
  148. [Model] Modify original Enemy models