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  2. Suggest your achievements idea
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  4. Found some possible achievements
  5. Possible SS:R website
  6. [RUMOR] Serious Sam Revolution!? New game in the works?
  7. [NEWS] Release the alligators
  8. [NEWS] We are not dead! Also, a little surprise from Croteam.
  9. [NEWS] Developer Blog 1: Multiplayer Gamemodes
  10. [NEWS] Developer Blog 2: Blocking out with Mischievous
  11. [NEWS] Dev~.. discussion Blog 3
  12. [NEWS] Developer Blog 4: OpenGL and shaders
  13. No news about the revolution...
  14. A little surprise
  15. Serious Sam: Revolution Early access the April 30th
  16. Official Trailer released
  17. Update: AP_1680
  18. Update: AP_1700
  19. [Resource] SSHDX Music Resource for SamRev
  20. Update: AP_1738
  21. DM Maps question
  22. Update: AP_1760
  23. Update: AP_1788
  24. WHERE IS The Dark Island?
  25. Update: AP_1812 (Scripting!)
  26. Update: AP_1856 (free roam cam!)
  27. how can i use the mouse cursor in Windows?
  28. Update: AP_1882
  29. AP_1936 (Xbox hud and more!)
  30. AP_1964 (raw mouse input and more)
  31. Map porting procedures?
  32. Can you add vote in deathmatch and the second enconter DLC?
  33. The Feature Request Thread
  34. Linux Support?
  35. Disregard Skills Acquire Kills
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  37. June Update is now live!
  38. Minor updates thread
  39. [Mod] Frightening Flesh
  40. AP_2421 is now live
  41. Report of compatibility (Seems like a major discovery...)
  42. Request's Important Update!
  43. The Serious Sam Revolution BUGS
  44. AP_2510 is now live
  45. Serious Sam 3 remake
  46. [Mod Request] Could someone port the SSHD FE hud to SSR?
  47. [Mod] [WIP SSR Project] The Exhumed Encounter
  48. [Map] [S/C] Persepolis Mappack (UZE)
  49. DeathMatch event idea - ILoveQuake's Maps
  50. Versus Tactics
  51. When we will see the new campaign?
  52. Who wanna do some Versus?
  53. AP_2578 is now live!
  54. [Misc] Sam, I am dissapoint
  55. Pipebomb
  56. [News] Recruitment call
  57. AP_2601 is now live!
  58. AP_2614 is now live!
  59. Is this project dead?
  60. [Mod] [WIP] The Edeni Stronghold
  61. [News] Christmas update! Happy holidays!
  62. Post your "Final" Stats HERE!
  63. AP_2739 is now live
  64. [Map] Serious Sam Advance Remake
  65. AP_2786 is now live!
  66. [Translation] Editing menu text?
  67. [Map] SSA will be a remake and not a port
  68. FPS locked at 63(or 64) ?
  69. [Misc] [HELP] World compatibilities
  70. Is there a workaround for files with acrylic file names?
  71. Serious Sam: Revolution Questions
  72. Why no sticky what SSR is?
  73. How to mod for SSR?
  74. GLSL support?
  75. Help, how do i select profile for singleplayer?
  76. Few questions
  77. Revolution will get update soon!
  78. Connect to IP
  79. [Map] Meadow Temple
  80. AP_2856 is now live!
  81. Looking for deathmatch bros
  82. [Misc] Alpha HUD for Revolution!
  83. AP_2894 is now live!
  84. Controler controls and auto aim
  85. AP_2972 is now live!
  86. Banzai! - Kamikaze Sound Replacement Mod
  87. AP_3141 is now live!
  88. Enemies Customization Talkover
  89. [Translation] Porting the player quotes from HD?
  90. Will SSR's enhancements to engine, entities and tooling be released as free software?
  91. Serious Sammy is here! (AP_3216 is now live)
  92. Where's the upload to workshop button?
  93. How did you solved the Weapon Slowdown Bug?
  94. AP_3338 is now live!
  95. Tommygun accuracy
  96. [Misc] The Slide of The City of the Gods
  97. [Map] Clown Temple.
  98. New workshop API update in beta
  99. [News] AP_3381 is now live!
  100. "I am Ugh Zan" difficulty level
  101. New Weapons/Enemies - use cases?
  102. where's rev's editor
  103. Nice and Okay Indeed
  104. [Code] Enemies attack eachother
  105. Day night cycle?
  106. Moving Brush Switch - How to?
  107. Soo is this game dead and buried or?