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  1. Whats the best thing about Serious Sam?
  2. Serius Sam FE and SE
  3. Would you like to see a Serious Sam movie directed by Uwe Boll?
  4. "Serious sam" as a film? Your opinions
  5. Should bosses be at the end of the level or be separate levels?
  6. Mental's voice
  7. Things that influenced SS?
  8. Favorite secret in the series?
  9. [Sound/Music] Your own experiments with substitutional ingame music (not just classic iterations)
  10. SS:TL
  11. Croteam document showing future Serious Sam games found!
  12. Serious Sam VR
  13. Killing Mental
  14. Serious Sam General
  15. Interesting theories about Serious Sam
  16. Your greatest accomplishment in any Serious Sam game yet?
  17. Serious Sam GO /just an idea/
  18. Serious Sam: Most Unique Custom Bosses
  19. Serious Sam Music Kit for CSGO, CT please
  20. Judging Serious Sam (Judging by the cover)
  21. anywhere to download all patches?
  22. Sledgehammer v Chainsaw: Dawn of Melee
  23. Need a Widescreen Highres image of Next Encounter Mental
  24. Which of non-final levels in Serious Sam series felt the longest to you?
  25. In which main game the cannon is the most useful?
  26. Most Memorable and Most Forgettable SS?
  27. What custom Serious Sam single player map took you the longest to complete?
  28. Have there been any points in main Serious Sam games where you've had ammo problems?
  29. What are some common Serious Sam custom level design mistakes?
  30. The Little Things That Count
  31. So which long battles in Serious Sam games (and custom levels) were done right?
  32. Which rocket launcher would you prefer for a future Serious Sam game??
  33. [Misc] PC port of Serious Sam: Xbox
  34. Sam's Movement speed.
  35. I think I found an alternate solution to sprinting in Serious Sam 3.
  36. Which level would you not miss if cut from the game?
  37. [Misc] Suggestions for TF2-style weapon alternatives.
  38. The fonts for the Serious Sam titles
  39. Have A Serious New Year! (2017)
  40. Some enemies don't make footstep sounds
  41. Grenade Launcher or Devastator?
  42. Secret Nostalgia Yard
  43. Serious Sam Timeline Theory
  44. Serious Wednesday update!
  45. [Misc] Fixes/Small Features Requests - Serious Sam Fusion Feedback
  46. Serious Sam Complete Collection (isn't) complete
  47. Replacing the Beheaded Rocketeer
  48. [Misc] Tommygun easter egg in The Last Hope
  49. landscaping
  50. Albino Cyclops
  51. Serious Sam Fusion 2017 Beta on steam
  52. I need help with texture size ( Serious Sam fusion )
  53. [Lore] How did the Sirians get their 'portals'?
  54. Kleers in Serious Sam Fusion.
  55. [Misc] Croteam announces new MOBA shooter.
  56. [Misc] SS Fusion HUD
  57. Mental's minions timeline
  58. [Lore] - Things you believe are be canon
  59. Kleers before Mental nuked them
  60. [Misc] Custom Screenshots "directory" tweak
  61. Serious Sam 4 won't be at E3
  62. Should CT let us fight Mental in SS2R?
  63. The Original Sam Backstory
  64. If the levels of the main games were made with 100% speedruns in mind...
  65. Bogus Detour Officially hits the store page today
  66. Serious Sam Fusion bugs I noticed
  67. Enable multi-monitor support in Fusion?
  68. Have you ever played games alone with extra multiplayer enemies enabled?
  69. [Spoiler] Fusion Multiplayer Options Menu Music Appreciation
  70. Do you think Croteam needs to rethink how they handle bosses in Serious Sam?
  71. Do you use pause/break key to pause Serious Sam games?
  72. Aside from Damjan Mravunac, who else would be good at making music for Serious Sam?
  73. What kind of time travel you prefer in Serious Sam series?
  74. Serious sam 2 on xbox 360
  75. Serious Sam Classic Multiplayer
  76. [Tutorial] Serious Sam HD/Fusion Strafe Jumping (multiplayer)
  77. What inspired your mods/addons for Serious Sam?
  78. Serious Doom 4
  79. big boss
  80. 2018
  81. Old map files
  82. 2nd Encounter Death Match Servers?
  83. Sam/Turok Crossover?
  84. [Misc] Serious Sam: Battle Royale is out!
  85. Sam Fusion on linux : Text language locked on english