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Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Maaan, I hoped I'll be the first with the map I'm releasing today.

Say, how did you manage to make custom terminal messages (dlg files)? Currently the editor can't open any of them, and if I make one outside of the editor, it gives me credential errors.

Nice work!

Yeah the credential errors were driving me nuts too. What I did was to create a new text document inside the talos editor instead of using external text editors. If you save it in the talos editor, then the file will be saved with credentials.

Then if I want to make any changes, I will have to create a new text document again and override the old file. Quite a cumbersome process, I hope Croteam fix this soon.

Works for most of the files that required some kind of credentials for me so far (except for the QR code ones, which required a different kind of credentials :/).

I see that you have posted a new map too. Will try it out once I am out of the military camp on Sunday.
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