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Originally posted by NoVisAnima
Yes but where is the last secret on the valley of the jaguar. Having run through the level just now i couldn't find it what ever i did. And the invulnerability at the entrance of the valley doesn't count as a secret.
There *is* a Serious Damage in the temple to the right. I didn't know it was linked to finding the invulnerability but it's there. Just go to the right after entering the valley, up the stairs, across the rope bridge, kill the pum'kinheads, go through the hallway and kill those guys too. When you come to a huge room with columns on either side, in the center is a Serious Damage. I'm surprised nobody seems to have found this. Could it disappear after awhile? When I do this valley I run immediately there after getting the invulnerability so maybe I found it before it disappeared.

[Edit:] Another possibility is that you only get it if you *don't* take the invulnerability? It could be I saw it during one of the times I tried it without the invulnerability. I just can't remember now. Anyway, that's the place I saw it if anybody else wants to investigate further.

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