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Default The Great Serious Sam 2 FAQ

I made this FAQ about problems people seem to have a lot of trouble with. I hope it helps you out.

Question: Will my PC run the game??

Answer: These are the system specs for Serious Sam 2:

OS: Windows 2000 or Windows XP
CPU: AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium
RAM: 512MB
GFX: Graphics board with complete support for hardware pixel shaders (compliant with DirectX 8 or higher).
Drivers: newest available hardware drivers
DirectX 9.0c
Please make sure that DirectX9.0c is installed, and that you have updated your graphics card drivers.

Not supported:
- Windows 95, 98 and ME
- DirectX 7.0 or lower 3D accelerator, or one without DirectX 9.0 compatible driver
(Matrox Parhelia, nVidia TNT and GeForce1,2,4MX series, ATI Radeon 7000 series, Intel integrated graphics prior to 915G chipset, ...)

Minimum supported (low-end system):
CPU: ~1.5 GHz Athlon XP or Pentium M, or ~2 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 256 MB
Sound: any DirectSound compatible sound board
Graphics: DirectX 8.0/8.1 compliant or low-end DirectX 9 3D accelerator
(nVidia GeForce3 and 4 series (not MX!), GeForceFX 5200 through 5700 series, ATI Radeon 8500 through 9200 and X300 series, S3 DeltaChrome or XGI Volari ... )

Recommended (mainstream):
CPU: ~2.0 GHz Athlon XP or Pentium M or ~2.6 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 512 MB
Sound: DirectSound3D compliant sound board
(Creative SoundBlaster Live series, nVidia SoundStorm, ...)
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant 3D accelerator
(nVidia GeForceFX 5900 series and GeForce 6200 and 6600 series, ATI Radeon 9500 thru 9800 and X600-X700 series, ...)

Full-experience (high-end):
CPU: ~2 GHz Athlon64, or ~3 GHz Pentium 4
RAM: 1 GB (1024 MB)
Sound: DirectSound3D with EAX 2.0+ sound board
(Creative SoundBlaster Audigy series, nVidia SoundStorm, ...)
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 high-end 3D accelerator
(nVidia GeForce6 6800 and 7800 series, ATI Radeon X800 and X850 series, ...)
Question: Where do I find the CD-Key?

Answer: The CD-Key is located on the back of your game manual.

Question: The game won't start and I get this error message: Fatal error: Cannot set display mode! GfxAPI Error: (Direct3D) Missing support for vertex shaders.

Answer: Sorry to inform you the news, but your video card doesn't cut it. You need a video card which at least uses pixel shader 1.1 or higher. You should buy a new video card which is listed in the system specs above.

Question: Where is Deathmatch???

Answer: Croteam didn't ship Deathmatch with the game. Get it in the newest patch (2.070) here.

Question: Why is the Editor not released with the game? And where can I get it?

Answer: The editor is not shipped with the game due to lack of time. But it's released, and get it here in the 2.070 patch.

Question: Does this mean I have to install all the patches subsequently??

Answer: No, you can directly install 2.070 from any version.

Question: I can't find the files mentioned in the tutorials! Why is that??

Answer: You can download the SDK examples for numerous example worlds, models, and other files mentioned in the Tutorials section of the Serious Engine 2 SDK Help file, plus some extra physics examples.

Question: How can I do (insert something) in the Editor?/Can you give me some tutorials for the new Editor?

Answer: You can press F1 in the editor for help files, go to SeriousEngine for tutorials, or attend a Serious Editing Workshop for LIVE help from genuine Croteam members.

Question: Every time I play Serious Sam 2, there is a log in the top left of the game screen. How do I get rid of that?

Answer: Go to the place where you installed Serious Sam 2. For example: C:\Program Files\Serious Sam 2\. In your Serious Sam 2 map should be a map called "Content", and in there a map called "SeriousSam2". In there should be a file called "Sam2.ini". Delete it. This will NOT affect your Profiles/Savegames.

Question: I deinstalled Serious Sam II, but not everything is removed. How do I remove everything??

Answer: You can use Louva-Deus' Serious Sam II Uninstaller Tool. Don't forget to send Louva-Deus feedback.

Question: How do I enable/disable the cheats?

Answer: Open the console with the '~' button, and type "sam_ien", without the "" and press TAB to let the Engine finish the command. If you did this correctly, it will say: "sam_iEnableCheats". Edit it so it will look like this: "sam_iEnableCheats=2" and press enter. Then go to the menu ingame and press F1 to open the menu and click to enable a cheat, and click again when it's enabled to disable the cheat. If you want to turn them off, then enter in the console (again, without "") "sam_iEnableCheats=0" and press enter. Remember that in the current game the cheats will still be enabled and you get ZERO bonus points at the end of a level!

Question: Are there any other cheats except the ones in the Cheats list?

Answer: Yup, if you enable the Developer Cheats, then you can press the following keys to enable a specific cheat:

G = God
K = Killall
Y = Ghost
I = Invisible
L = Fly
O = Giveall
U = Auto-aim
J = Turbo
F2 = Skip level
[ = Slow Time
] = Fasten Time

Question: In Deadwood the final door won't open. How do I get through?

Answer: On the final door you see this thing. Go behind the crates to your right and there should be a pick-up item. Then go back to the door and use it.

Question: On Forsaken Compound or Ursul Suburbs a door won't open at all! What's up?

Answer: You probably missed an enemy. Best thing is to quit the level and restart it, and hope it will open then.

Question: On Greendale I press the switch, but the drawbridge won't lower at all. What should I do?

Answer: Take a look at this picture, and this one. Grab your shotgun and take care of it. Or you could pick it up and play around with it. The bridge should lower when it's out.

Question: On Royal Sewers there are cracks in the wall, but I can't get through. What did I miss?

Answer: The red thing on the wall is the spot where you should place dynamite. Move back where you came and go right when you can. Go right again, and make another right turn. There should be something like this waiting for you. Pick it up, move back, use it and stand back.

Question: How do I defeat Kwongo?

Answer: Man the turret, keep it spinning and kill all primitives harassing the Simbas. The Simbas will eventually fire big projectiles at Kwongo with their catapults and kill him. Also watch out, since Kwongo tends to throw big debris at you which destroy your turret in no-time.

Question: On higher difficulties Kwongo smashes the catapults and kills me in no-time! What should I do??

Answer: After Kwongo smashes the Simbas and catapults, get out of your turret, rush to the Health/Serious Damage spawned on the catapult's place, and run towards Kwongo. If you are still alive, he can't hit you. His arms are too tall to hit directly underneath him. You have a free shot at him with your Serious Damage and sniper/cannon/rocket launcher.

Question: ZumZum keeps regenerating when I try to kill him! How do I take him down?

Answer: If ZumZum receives enough damage, he will retreat to the nearest flower and starts regenerating life. Blast the flower with your rocket launcher until it's destroyed and repeat on all flowers. Then take your minigun and take down ZumZum.

Question: NETRICSA mentioned Prince Chan doesn't like the sound of a gong... Where do I find it?

Answer: Every once in a while, the doors above Prince Chan's position will open and reveal a gong. Blast it with your rocket launcher to inflict additional damage to Chan.

Question: Kleerofski keeps regenerating whenever I damage him much, and I can't kill him! What do I have to do?

Answer: You see these little skeleton hands with crystals on the inside? Blast them so that they look from this to this, and shoot open every hand so the laser follows each diamond. Keep doing that until all diamonds are connected and NETRICSA will confirm that Kleerofski can't regenerate anymore. Watch out though, Kleerofski will sometimes try to close the hands again!

Question: I can't hurt Cecil with my weapons! What do I have to do?

Answer: Grab the nearest Serious Jump, and jump from island to island to pick up these arrows. When you think you picked up enough, go to one of the turrets, and fire the arrows you collected at Cecil to hurt him. Continue this until you've killed him.

Question: When fighting Hugo, my weapons don't damage him and I always get trapped and he kills me. What do I need to do here?

Answer: Look at this direction, and RUN LIKE HELL! Once outside, keep running and running, and enter the building in front of you. Don't stop and keep running. Hugo will destroy it and follow you again. Always enter these type of buildings and keep running, until you appear here, and enter the helicopter. Pick up these items, and blast him down!

Question: Weapons don't hurt Mental Institution/The hovercraft I'm in doesn't do much damage to Mental Institution! Why is that?

Answer: When the battle begins, look around for another hovercraft that fires RED beams instead of BLUE ones. They are MUCH more effective against Mental Institution, and fire at the blue diamond which is visible frequently. Also, saving a Serious Damage or two may aid you A LOT to defeat him on higher difficulties!

Question: I can't find a secret on <level>!/Where do I find all secrets?

Answer: Go to either Æon's Secrets of Serious Sam 2 FAQ or Peter Holzwarth's site and click on the level name for the secrets.

Question: I saw people having two weapons! Are they hackers?

Answer: No, not at all. In early builds of the game, the player had the ability to use two weapons at once, didn't matter which. That feature got removed, but it's still available for custom maps with a Weapon Combo item. But in default levels you can only use a dual weapon (Uzis, Colts) to dual wield with another weapon. For tutorials, discussions and pictures of this bug, go to the "Is this a bug? (Weapon combos)" topic.

If you have any questions left, please, don't hestitate to ask them here.
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