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Default Re: F1NLAND-Warrior's Frozen Asylum

Woot, finally downloaded Garry's Mod 10 from Steam yesterday. So here's some random pics I took from last night's madness. I just tried out the Episode 1 maps, HL1 Source & HL1 Source Deathmatch maps and checked out the updated gm_construct etc. Pretty good stuff. Best of all, loading times were MUCH quicker than in the previous versions, and my game didn't crash at all, even during long sessions! (usually my game always crashes after playing a custom map for over half an hour in Gmod 9). I liked the new spawn menu, and everything was neat. Face posing had some problems with eyes (but it could be just my crappy posing skills ), I often ended up having zombie eyes on people no matter how much I changed the sliders. Eventually I got it figured out all right, and it was kinda fun to do zombie poses too. And my framerates were much better than in the previous versions, I could even run Episode 1 maxed out with HDR and 4xAA and 8xAF without any lag in sight, like I was playing the normal game.

Warning: Pictures include "extensive" use of bird poo effects.

(Weird HDR issue- Gregory appears fullbright compared to other models...)

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