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Default Re: Things that are "weird"

Originally Posted by viper45 View Post
One thing that's not necessarily "weird" but deceptive... I don't know about anyone else, but in FE/SE, when shooting the rocket biomechs with anything besides the rocket launcher and cannon (ie minigun, tommygun), I always shot straight at their right rocket launcher, hit their first rocket, then shot at their left launcher to hit their second rocket. In HD, it seems like either they flipped their firing pattern around, or maybe it's entirely randomized now. I'm not complaining, just kind of a funny thing... has produced many "Oh shoot" moments when I think I'm being clever and preventing them from shooting their rockets.
Yep, I did notice this. In HD, it's his left (out right) RL first, and then his right. Definitely the other way around in the other games. But it's just something that caught me off guard the first couple of times. Quick to get used to, so it wasn't so bad.

One more thing I noticed. When I started Alley of the Sphinxes, I got a bonus 14 cannonballs, and full napalm and sniper bullets. Though the latter two I know I won't be able to use.
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