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Right... it's been a while since I've done this;


Golden Downfall

Finally after 2 months at this, here's something to fill in the extra time before ss3 comes out.

Set an intense rain environment and mixed with the rays of a warm sunset... Or whatever... Behold ye the Temple of Gold. Unfortunately you are not the only one who's Beholding, but as luck would have it, the temple not only represents an infinite amount of gold but also a small military warehouse, with the name of the beholders written on the bullets it holds.
Lightning...only works server side. SE3 won this one.
Yes I went so far as to add wall corner detail

The level also features a very destructive environment, an assortment of weapons that I think will be interesting, and of course everything graphics wise I could throw in a MP map, and some that I really shouldn't have but did anyway. Like the awesome water shader that uses 4 normal maps On a whole, it's pretty balanced, tested for final tweaks and balance and I think it's pretty ok now. Also it's completely free roam, nothing really stops you from going to see the edge of the map, and in fact that's where the most secrets are The CTF map variation though is a bit more strict, but still within limits.

Some for the following S! members.
Mongo for beta testing this and putting up with me constantly steaming him to beta test it. +100000 fc.
And LD for some cool ma design ideas. +50000 fc.


Ah, it feels good to have the fear of releasing this map off my solders, it has been ready for the past 2 weeks, but I always thought that it needed something more. And it did. And I added it, and so on...It's just that too bad that fear of releasing this map, got replaced a while ago by the horror of releasing my secret sub project that's almost nearing completion too. A little sumthin' I've been doing for the past month, takes a while because it's a character, and the 3dRipper program didn't got it's UV map data. So I have to completely recreate it from scratch and it ain't easy. All in time. Worst of all, in the mean time, Pan Strife beat me to being the first S! member to have an in-game player model to match his avatar.
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