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Default Re: [Competition] 1 copy of SS3:BFE to give away!

Okay so I have looked over the entries one last time, and I have come to the conclusion. This is a very hard decision because all of your entries are very good. So without further ado here are the winners!

The consolation prize winner is...

ECM. When his entry popped up at the start of the competition, I was almost sure that he would win the prize and take home the bounty. Despite being bested by 2 other entrants, his entry is still one of the funniest image macros posted to this competition. Sorry you didn't win SS3, but you have the Blood and Indies pack to take home!

The second prize winner is...

orcrist. His final entry to this competition came at the last minute, so to speak and is an enjoyable vignette poking fun of the Call of Duty franchise. With it, he pretty much stole the show for this competition. Congratulations! You get the SS3 pre-order!

And the winner of the first prize is...

cruccone. There's so many hilarious and authentic touches that makes his video entry quite golden. It made me laugh pretty hard when i first saw it, and it still gives me the chuckles seeing it once more today. Good work! You get the SS3 Deluxe pre-order!

Cruccone, orcrist and ECM. Send me a private message with a link to your steam profile page so I can add you and send you your games! ECM, make a account and PM me your email address used to register there, I will mail you instructions to redeem your copy of Serious Sam Classic : TFE and TSE. (or you can have a friend do it.)

To everyone else, thank you for taking part! This has been fun. I hope to see you on launch day!
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