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Default Serious Fantasy: Legends (v.6.0 RELEASE: ALL STARS CP5 PACK OUT!)
Serious Fantasy: Legends V5.0
--- Description ---
Serious Fantasy: Legends is a collaborative effort by S! users Pan and Finzy to create one of the largest scale modifications for Serious Sam 3 so far. Including 69+ new playable characters and 22+ new playable versus maps, it is a mod pack chockablock full of new content. With constant support and content patches planned in the future, there's no real reason to not grab this amazing new modification. Unless you don't like being cool.

--- Features ---
* Full of content from Dragon Ball Z, Halo, Final Fantasy, Mario and The Legend of Zelda, among others.
* Over 69 brand new characters to play as, such as Master Chief, Sexy Lara, Sexy Chaos, Crash Bandicoot, Cloud Strife, Link, Sexyroth, Rayman and Mr. Satan!
* New versus maps to play against your friends in online and local modes.
* New music befitting of each map.
* New weapon models to spruce up the old ones to add that touch of Halo, Dragonball Z or Final Fantasy that you've (probably) always wanted.
* A brand new Kamehameha wave cannon replacement modification for Hyperbolic Time Chamber by Viper45.
* Content patches adding new maps and characters/weapons in the future.

--- Maps (More added since CP3) ---

--- Characters (More added since CP3) ---

--- Weapons --
Included in our little mod package are weapons that you can pick out and add at your own leisure. These are purely optional and don't alter the actual game play, just the cosmetics and sounds. Included in the pack so far are:
- 3 New Sledgehammer designs. (Buster Sword, Caladbolg, Power Axe)
- 3 New Assault Rifle designs. (Halo assault rifle, Laguna's machine gun, Bolter)
- 1 New Double Barrel shotgun. (Irvine's double shotgun from Final Fantasy VIII)
- 1 New Remington 870 Shotgun design. (Halo)
- 1 New Minigun (Heavy Bolter)
- Unreal Tournament weapon skins as an optional mod!
- Kamehameha Wave Cannon replacement. (Viper45, Still WIP - CHANGES SP/CO-OP GAMEPLAY, BE AWARE. Make sure your friends know you are using this and coordinate. Safe for versus play.)
- 1 New set of First Person Arms.

--- Optional Menu Styles (New in Content Patch 1!) ---

Bored of the standard Serious Sam 3 menu screens? Look no further! Content Patch 1 adds three new optional menu styles to choose from, one that covers all the games featured in the mod, one for FFVII: Crisis Core, and one for Final Fantasy VIII.
Check this post with comparison videos for further explanation!

NEW in Content Patch 3: Crash Bash Bearminator Menu Mod! (Steam Workshop)

--- Special Thanks ---
Mischievous - Creation of the water shaders for Order's Sanctuary, weather for Pirate Waters and misc help + Beta testing.
Viper45 - Tutorials for making water for Boulder Canyon and the Kamehameha Wave mod for Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Valerie Valens - Beta testing and comments.
evil Vasile - Beta Testing
Schorriemorrie - Beta testing
Danker - Bug reports

--- Team ---
Pan - Weapons, Player Models, Maps
Finzy - Maps, Map Quality Assurance, Balancing, Uploads/Rips, PR
Devostator - Maps, Player Models

--- Download ---

Maps on Workshop:
Characters on Workshop:
+ Hotfix: (Fixes the "Afternoon Gym Jam" map not loading)


Steam Workshop
(just hit the "subscribe to all items" button!)


Mod Pack 1 - Halo and Final Fantasy Weapons, better underwater sounds, menu styles
Mod Pack 2 - Warhammer 40K Weapons
Unreal Tournament Weapons
Crash Bash Bearminator Main Menu
Buster Sword Melee Replacement (Workshop Edition, Higher Quality)


You can download older versions of the mod up to Content Patch 2 from ModDB, but only the Steam workshop release is currently fully supported:

Thank you for taking a look at our mod. Stay tuned for more (possible) Content Patches in the future!

--- Trailers ---
YouTube Video: Content Patch 2 Release Trailer

YouTube Video: Serious Fantasy Legends Cinematic Trailer

--- Gameplay videos from Content Patch 1! ---

YouTube Video: Serious Fantasy Legends Gameplay - Blitzball Arena

YouTube Video: Serious Fantasy Legends Gameplay - Budokai Beach & Cookie Cutter

YouTube Video: Serious Fantasy Legends Gameplay - Daisy Cruiser

YouTube Video: Serious Fantasy Legends Gameplay - Zelda Maps

(More coming soon)

Older gameplay vids by Vinska!

--- Changelog for Content Patch 2 ---
- Added 28 new player models: Altair, Barbossa, Brute, Crash (Classic), Clayton, Coco, Commander Shepard,
Crash (Crash of the Titans), Nathan Drake, Ezio Auditore, Grunt, Hercules,
Hero Zack, John Marston, Jack Sparrow, Kratos, Lee Everett, Sexy Chaos,
Sexy Lara, Sexy Tidus, Waluigi, Solid Snake, Captain America, Clone Trooper,
James Bond, Imperial Guardsmen & variations, Space Marines (Imperial Fists, Ultramarines,
Dark Angels)

- Added 6 new maps: Bearminator, Peach's Castle, Pirate Waters (Small & Large variations), Rat Race, Space Bash and Temple of Time

- Added 2 optional mods: Warhammer 40,000 Power Axe and Bolters, replacing Sledgehammer + Assault Rifle and Minigun

- Updated Triple Baka Pack to the latest release (was previously only updated for the workshop release)

- Updated sound schemes for Cloud, Squall, Selphie and Zidane.
--- Changelog for Content Patch 1 ---
Pan's Content Patch 1 Additions:
- Added Daisy Cruiser, Budokai Beach, Block City, Cookie Cutter, Forest of Fairies, Kokiri Forest
- Added TDM map Snowfield
- Added CTF Map Snowfield, Blood Valley and Boulder Canyon
- Added Devostators Triple Baka pack with additional sounds.
- Added new characters Ganondorf, Jeice, Luigi, Rayman, Sexyroth and Princess Rosalina.
- Added custom team colours to more models. (Goku, Pan, Hercule)
- Fixed some console messages.

Fixes and Adjustments:
- Blood Valley / Boulder Canyon sniper rifles replaced with Rocket Launchers.
- Sniper respawn items in Orphans Cradle adjusted and ammo no longer spawns.
- Added new sounds for Lightning, Laguna, Angeal, Cloud Strife and Zack Fair.
- Slight model adjustments to sizes and descriptions.
- Ladder bug causes a crash if gibbed on ladder. Kokiri forest now uses jump pads and not ladders.
- Snowfield polygon bugs fixed.
- Random deaths in Budokai Beach fixed.
- Collisions between patches fixed.

Finzy's Content Patch 1 Additions / Fixes
 - Added 3 new maps, Order's Sanctuary, Blitzball Stadium and Battle in the Sky (by Devostator)
- "Pimped" some Pan's maps, particularly Kokiri Forest and Budokai Beach.

Crystal World:
- Added spectator cameras
- Adjusted music and added 1 extra music track
- Removed ammo for the sniper
- Improved some of the bouncers

Old Chaos Shrine:
- Added spectator cameras
- Adjusted music and added 1 extra music track

Orphan's Cradle:
- Added spectator cameras
- Removed ammo for the sniper

Optional mods:
- Buster Sword mod now comes with added sounds
- Laguna's Machine Gun mod now comes with added sounds
- 3 menu replacement mods, Default, Zack, FFVIII. Base for the mod made by Devostator, tweaked by Pan and Finzy.
- New "Improved Underwater Sounds" optional mod, recommended for Blitzball Stadium and in general.
-- ModDB Page for the mod --
(Includes screenshots, videos, news and further information!)

-- Join the Steam Group --
Serious Fantasy on Steam

-- Media --
Blitzball Comic
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Abridged Comic - Zack pwns a Giant Gnaar
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