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Default Re: Soo is this game dead and buried or?

I am glad its not dead.
As a person who did 1 qa pass on the early version of 1 map (I only got to qa 2 rooms of that map, as I was working fulltime+ at that time), I can say that they really did need the time to polish the game, and I am glad they wont release it in the state it was, and/or is.
I applaud everyone who is working on it, who made the decision to wait and spruce it up and make it right, instead of just put something out there that 'just works'. (not that it was bad at the time, but it needed polish still).
Shoot, what would have happened if this was done on the Half Life mod (remake in HL2 engine, forget the name), and they put out a halfbaked version for everyone? Noon would have played it, and complained and complained.
I personally want to play it badly. But I can wait until its finished.
I will say, if you need any more qa help, I dont have a job anymore, so I can make passes at it whenever I am feeling well enough to get to the computer, if it helps you guys-n-gals at all. I know you need dev help way more, but all I can do is qa.
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