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Default Just a small letter of support to Croteam...

After thinking about some of their games recently, and thinking about all of the asinine moves this industry has been doing lately, I think it's high time I give an open letter of support to Croteam as a developer for just being so generally awesome. So be warned. Lots of kiss-assery ahead. Obviously, there are other devs that being just as cool as Croteam, but we're not talking about them at the moment.

Now, for one, even though it's a feature that a lot of people never really used, the fact that a lot of their games have split-screen in them is pretty applause-worthy simply because SO many developers would simply just not have bothered. And especially not on the PC platform.

The second thing is how open they keep their games in general. They're easy to buy, mod, play, and get into. When you buy a Croteam game, you know you're getting a very unhindered unrestrained game. No invasive DRM. No BS about needing to control everything. They just give it to you with their tools.

The third thing is how easy on your system even their more modern games are. The Serious Engine now seems to be a very slick piece of tech after years of continuous improvement and it shows. Nevertheless, SE-powered games are so easy to run. It MAY not be as utterly powerful as the Unreal Engine or the CryEngine, but it more than makes up for it in pure performance.

The fourth thing is how they don't seem to be afraid at all to try new things. I mean, I was pretty flabbergasted when I first heard about The Talos Principle. I truly thought it was just a huge joke to lead up to Serious Sam 4 but then it totally blew me away when I played it and it gave even Portal a serious (tee-hee) run for its money, if not downright unseating it in my eyes. A AAA publisher would probably have never let that game see the light of day. (Serious props to Devolver Digital. They need some love as well.)

The fifth and final thing is... They're not dicks. I have never seen them talk down to their fanbase or act hostile in any way. Now obviously I don't know every single thing they do, but from what I've seen, they've been great.

Croteam isn't perfect but they're getting steadily better and better and I personally wish to support them as a fan. Because if we keep letting awesome developers like this fall by the wayside while The Division gets another fucking billion sales... Let's just say I'm pretty sure we won't be getting any good games for a while.

Alright, that's it. Croteam and Devolver, consider your ass thoroughly kissed.

Now, when the hell are we gonna see SS4 again?

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