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Default Re: Just a small letter of support to Croteam...

Originally Posted by PootisMayo View Post
SS4 is still a long way from being epic and finished.
I don't get it though. SS4 was first announced way back in... What, 2012? Either way, SS3 was released in 2011. Even if they started work on it in 2012, it's been 4 years. (Yes, The Talos Principle did take some time and resources but last I heard, TTP was made by a temporary small splinter group before they went back to work on SS4?)

I don't know. Perhaps I'm just confused as to how and when development on these titles started.

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
It is a 100% certainty that SS2 will be remade after the release of SS4. It WILL happen.
Will it be simply HD'd a la TFE and TSE HD? Or will you guys be actually remaking the game almost akin to a reboot? I have to say, the latter would interest me much more than the former.

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