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Default Re: Serious Sam Beta Remake

why are you so PICKY!!! this threat is actualy under edit because i don't know i uploaded the oics on facebook and serious wiki, but they don't want read it there, i will upload it on my server (today)
from the very early versions of the remake, to the "close to final" one you will see the difference, even the buggy version of my early pipebomb (now under re-construction and whole model making, earlier i used a replacement for the detonator, and a blurry crappy pipebomb model i found in the game...) and maybe even the very early lava rocks gun which was maken by my from the existing files on the day i decided to remake the beta, also, why not, ill upload the design doc so you will se the complete plan (i edited it liddle, even yesterday) like includes...

solais: i had files i just (we our project has 5 members including me for now) needed to edit them and port them into the game , also thank you,

Information: I didn't ported much stuff in the game but i will show you the cool beta effect's and action, even develop pictures my guy's were posting on our secret facebook group where we contact us
maybe ill even show you few fails that are fixed during the project!

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