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Default Making cubemaps for fast lights (Unofficial way of doing them)

-For this tutorial you should already have experience with copying/pasting things from entities, probe, omni and fast lights-

I kinda found a weird way to achieve cubemaps for fast lights!

All you need is an external map with a simple cube, a probe light, an omni light for the shadows, the model for the shadow.

It should look like this:

For the cube make sure to copy these illumination color settings, thats all really:

The Probe lights area should be exactly the size of the cube:

Also, make sure to tick these 2 so your model is not visible in the cube map and stays black, you can untick those once done:

Bake the Probe Light with Shift+B when you are satisfied with the shadows and then mark this place I marked and press Ctrl+C:

Once copied, go to your fast light settings and paste it with Ctrl+V into the marked Projector texture. The result should be this:

Now your fast light has a cubemap like in the official maps from Croteam. Now if you want you can save the texture to not lose it.
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