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Default Re: Mod Suggestions/Ideas

This conversation is old as dirt. I always quote Ecclesiastes, which goes something like this;
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun

But Louva sums it up pretty good.

Originally Posted by Louva-Deus View Post
If I were to remake Quake or Heretic in SE3 I certainly wouldn't copy anything. I would take the core gameplay ideas that made them popular and create something of my own that incorporated those features.
It's one big huge grey area. And conversations like this tend to go in circles upon circles. Survival for example, has been Invasion, it's been Monster Madness, it's been Horde Hunters, and on and on and on. Does anyone even really care anymore where it came first? I certainly don't.

As far as Heretic-ish or Quake-ish mods, well, I hate to overstate my request for a coder, but I really think Both of those could be answered in one tried-and true package (see my sig).

(and that's just tip of iceburg, see site for much more)

And let's be fair to mod teams. because it sure as heck doesn't always just go one way. Ah Hell No. Fer example;
Chaos UT2004 has this:
after that comes Epic's next game, UT3;

So, ah, yeah. And there are other examples from other mods/games. Count on it.

I think it's a question of integrity, and just how good are you. If all you've got is someone else's IP, you won't last long. Legal or not. Knock yourself out, but you'll still fade away. If however, you can incorporate with a twist, and build / expand with your own special voodoo, well then anything is possible.
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