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Default Re: The Feature Request Thread

Originally Posted by Nevermore2790 View Post
You can use cheats by typing /cht_bEnable=1 in the console. Then, use these known developer cheats. NOTE it would be best to finish the game before using cheats. Value must be 1 or 0

/cht_bGod=1 (turn on), 0 (turn off)
/cht_bInfiniteAmmo=1 (turn on), (turn off)
/cht_bGhost=1 (turn on), 0 (turn off)
/cht_bFly=1 (turn on), 0 (turn off)

Using cheats will not let you unlock achievements and claim the leaderboards...
no worry so far i will use it only in TFE because im still finishing TSE without cheats :p (playing on normal) but still thanks a lot, i will have fun with new guns
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