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Default Re: The Feature Request Thread

Slaww, lol...wth If you're not doing shadow flags on nearly every polygon and are too lazy to Q, lmb, lmb, lmb....then please stop mapping.
ffs, I thought I was bitchy complaining about Shadow UV in SS2+...
Brush Origins can be changed with adding a world base entity to a brush. If you didn't know that, then stop mapping.

I think the only editor entity that could use Render As Small is the PlayerStart and WatchPlayers.
If you can't swap back and forth between num9 and num6....well you get the idea...

wait obviously you dont, so...just stop mapping.

ffs, these features you requested are useless if you're proficient. Angelo must be more concerned with things like network stability before being bothered with such frivolous things.
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