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Default New Weapons/Enemies - use cases?


As we all know, Serious Sam: Revolution includes several new things to game, like new enemies and weapons. I have found out that new weapons have good quality and are ready to be used in game (though plasma thrower "boom" and fire sound effects made me feel like in 1995 game ).

I'd want to discuss what are use cases for new weapons? Because when mapmaking, mappers consider how to develop proper battles depending on player's equipment. For example you do not want to overwhelm player with many bio mechs if he has only rocket launcher, but sending several mechs to them is fine when they have cannon.

All weapons in SS have their purpose, while only shotgun and double shotgun being a "fillhole" weapons and you usually barely use them in late game. Anyway:

TommyGun is a good for killing weak enemies like zorgs, beheaded whatevers, anti-kamikaze tool.
Minigun is good as all-around weapon that is very ammo hungry.
Laser is an "addtional minigun" that uses different ammo - more devastation in your pockets.
Rocket Launcher is good for mass enemies and armored enemies.
Grenade Launcher is similar to Rocket Launcher but with heavier damage (pumpkinheads die from one grenade and two rockets).
Flamethrower is short range mass killer for charging enemies like kleers or pumpkinheads.
Sniper Rifle is good for long range weak targets.
Cannon is good for erasing a whole "row" of skeletons/bulls charging you and eliminating large threat like major biomech with one shot.

When you watch some serious difficulty playthroughs you can see how experienced players are swapping weapons depending on situations and utilizes all arsenal.

The question is, what are typical use-cases for Ghostbuster, Minelayer and Plasma Thrower weapons? From what I've tested and watch on youtube videos, ghostbuster seems to be like a 3x damage minigun with short range, and plasmathrower sits somewhere near rocket launcher but with greater fire rate. Minelayer could be possibly used to "prepare" room before picking that ammo pack which spawns horders of enemies?

I'd love to listen to some tips how to utilize new weapons in custom maps, where in playing timeline they should be placed, what types of enemies and situations they are best to handle with and so. Should player have them before they got a minigun or perhaps new weapons are even stronger than cannon?

From what I've watched, Ghostbuster seems to be incredibly fun gun to use, but also incredibly powerful. Its like, you need two seconds of zapping bio mech to ground him? Maybe utilizing Ghostbuster as "Superweapon" like Sniper Rifle in South American campaing of SS:TSE? The Sniper Rifle is incredibly powerful there but ammo is very limited allowing you to use it only where you'd best need them? Or its better to just place a GhostBuster "after" minigun and treat it as regular weapon and let huge ammo cost to balance it out?

Plasma Launcher seems to be far superior than Rocket Launcher. I am afraid that it would spoil a game a bit, because having a rocket launcher you can handle 5 sirian werebulls charge (+ other shit) from large distance. If your player gets plasma launcher, I think you'd have to send 20 on them because Plasma Launcher oneshoots smaller things. Also the secondary attack from close distance sends all arachnoids, major biomechs and green andurans into their own version of valhalla with just one click.

I am also thinking how to utilize Minelayer as this is quite "special" weapon. Like in TSE when they added Sniper Rifle, they made sure that player will have a lot occasions to slay enemies that are "coincidently" placed miles away (hi there, valley of jaguar). I am thinking how I could make a player playing my map to "feel" minelayer, to give him/her occasions to utilize it nicely. Maybe a something like a corridor where enemies are charging at you from both sides (front and back), so you can block your back with mines and focus on front enemies. Or something that makes you have to lure stronger enemy into your minefield and send them to abyss? I've no idea how to utilize this weapon from mapper POV

Serious Sam original maps follows quite nicely a something that I used to call "a fireball design". This term I've used when I was developing an RPG game years ago (and no it did not succeed ) and it basically means "if your player is a sorcerer and just got access to an fireball, let him have fun by sending hordes of weak enemies versus him".

I'd love to listen about your experiences with new weapons and their use-cases.

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