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Default Re: New Weapons/Enemies - use cases?

Originally Posted by ZynX View Post
Ye tru, note that these weapons were created a decade ago
I know but they are OK visually, just sound effects are weird. From what I have tested, I'd propose to tune up these weapons in SP/Coop a bit because with some testing I found that they could have some numbers altered.

The thing I missed when I was watching gameplay with new weapons is that player had serious damage powerup. After a bit of testing I found new weapons quite useless in real scenarios.

I think that Ghostbuster should be buffed up in SP/Coop to fill a niche "i want to destroy something really quickly, but with close range" - something like a flamer but with more damage and without AOE attack.

I am talking about new inventory because I am creating map pack to SS:R and I'd love to use new weapons
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