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Default Re: Seriously! Events Schedule

Captain, if you want to take over the saturday BL2, then you can.
I said when I was asked to be one of the people to host events that I never know if I am going to make it or not.
When I CANT make it, I cant even get out of bed to turn on my computer to say I cant make it.
And, if I COULD turn my computer on, it would make my situation much worse (with Migraines) as bright lights hurt like the dickens when you have a migraine (as does noise, and temperature, and head swelling).
And THAT is just a migraine.
I have other issues going on also besides the migraines, 2 of which almost killed me (and is the med that changed, that has messed me up, but seems to be stabilizing more and more every day, as my body gets used to it).

So, please, be my guest, and host BL2 until I can take it back over, or you can keep it.
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