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Default Re: D-6.gro - Weird Russian Serious Sam Mod

I've played this creepy pasta mod before. Not quite hollow-ween at the time (like a month too soon)

It's, pretty damn unsettling to say the least. And it does have a few jump scares. Also there's versions of it. One is a safer version, and the 'Death' version (where you do die) is said to malicious.

The pain noises you hear from getting killed are very cringey, they sound almost like real pain.

I've come up with a theory one what D-6 means. Though I'm not too sure about it. Though I discussed it with SLAwww once on Skype and he honestly thinks I was going somewhere with this theory:

My Theory is pretty simple in all. The mod is very edgy to say the least.
We start off with a little insanity, I mean, that's all you get in the opening part. A bunch of random symbols and static background.
A long tunnel, this could be symbolized as the grey life one lives, only walking forward down a lit tunnel with no ending in sight. You see yourself and make the choice to walk down a darker path. (Any one who has been depressed has seen this before)
And then, shortly later. You start to descend. I suspect this descending to related to slowly going insane, considering how each level is more chaotic then the last.
Each Glyph you see on each start of each level is related to a negative emotion and are seen in this order: Despair, Ego, Envy, Fastidiousness, Malevolence, and Hatred (I think, I KNOW Hatred is last though), This could tie in with the 7 Deadly Sins somehow.
This keeps up until you go completely insane, only to be killed by the embodiment of these negative emotions. That's how it would appear to you. But in reality: you have committed suicide. You had the chance to go back, to stop. But you didn't.
That's a stretch, but luckly I've got other facts too.

SLAwww also translated the text that is repeated on the title screen. "ты погибнешь ты погибнешь ты погибнешь". It means "you're going to die unnaturally"
Furthermore, the .d-6 file is this line repeated as well.
There are empty folders each with a letter on them, I put them together and put them into a translator and I got: "ТЫПОГИБНЕШЬ" or "You will die"
A repeated use of the words "You" and "Die". VERY Edgy shit right here.
The gro for this game in the safe version at-least is called barelybreathing.gro, furthering my theory for this. There is menu music, though it's a very quiet and disturbing breathing with heart-beating noises as well.
The levels folder doesn't exist. Instead, all the levels are in a folder call "Die"
The classes on the other hand, are in a hold called "Evil"
Even more, is that before I fixed the controls (and you will need to do this), the mod had controls that matched those found in SLAwww's mod: Black Radiance, meaning D-6 was likely edited from that.
The glyph for hatred is also seen in the mod icon for Black Radiance as well, strangely enough SLAwww says he never made an icon for his mod. Or he never made one that looks like this.

That's all I got for now.
It's been an honor to be have been part of this site for so long

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