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Default Re: The DOOMed Thread

I could also use the DEHACKED code thing to change things as well but it doesn't do very much just allow you to change some things but I don't know how to use much of it, though decorate code to me is fairly easy to use. And yes Quake might be a bit complicated with code seeing that having power-ups do actually add the extra sound to the guns as well meaning the code becomes scattered. I usually place the code into .zip or .pk3 folders under a specific folder and divide sections like weapons.txt, ammo.txt, or something like that then have a master decorate file. It makes things easier for me though (apart from having to look and find what I need to find), but I tend to do that when code begins to start looking messy. But in any case nice job cutting down on the code and all it does look neater and more optimized..
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