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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched

The Last Stand - 8/10

A fun return to movies for Arnold Schwarzenegger after his stint in the governors office. The action was fun, the characters were fun, the jokes made me laugh. I have to take points off for some of the action being a little over the top though. Yes, that's right, I want my action scenes to make more sense than they do in movies. When multiple people that are militarily trained are firing a thousand bullets at one target, I expect that target to get filled with holes. Also, there is a bit with a Corvette vs an SUV, it would have ended with a crushed Corvette...

Sabotage (yes, more Arnold) - 7/10

What was supposed to be a suspense/thriller movie was retooled by the studio to be more action oriented. I can understand that, but I can see what the director was originally going for as well. Without seeing what was originally filmed, I can't say how much better it would have been, but I can see how it wasn't as good as it could have been. Still entertaining, still worth watching, but the action brings it down again, with some of the same complaints about the last one. Too many bullets flying without anyone targetted getting hit (though it does show what can happen to bystanders), trained marksmen not hitting their targets in way too close situations to miss, and stuff like that.

Jack Reacher - 7/10

It was a 9/10 up until the final gun battle. I'm tired of climactic firefights. I would have enjoyed it more if he had taken the info to the FBI like he threatened to do. But anyway, I really enjoyed the parts where he was using actual detective skills to figure out what was going on and who was playing what part around him. I can also see in the way things played out how the story was written for a 6'-5" behemoth of a man and not a shorty like Tom Cruise.

Don Jon

I don't know how to rate it right now. I guess it was well made and I enjoyed it a bit, but something inside me isn't allowing a number to be affixed to it.
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