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Default Re: Serious Review Megathread

Originally Posted by Jester Of Destiny View Post
In Stella, I got all of them. Everytime the paths diverged, I saved, than came back later.

In the first one, I assume it's the blind-deaf kleer, the guy who killed Jill and the monster at the end. In one run, I killed the kleer, killed the guy and killed the monster, in the other run I kept all of them alive and nothing really changed.
The choices in the first one are:
1. The Kleer
2. The guy hanging from the ceiling
3. The mirror
4. The guy responsible for Jill's death
5. The monster

Letting the Kleer live, dropping the guy into the abyss (mercy kill), not going through the mirror but through the door, letting the driver live, and not killing the monster are the choices for the good ending. It basically means that you are paying attention to things and not letting your anger get the best of you (especially the anger towards yourself, which is going into the mirror because you are taunted by your image, and killing the monster which is basically you).

I've made the map back in 2007, so now that I think about it, the choices aren't as intuitive as in Stella. For example, the last choice could also be interpreted as killing the angry side of you, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? But that's how I envisioned it back then.

The choices in Stella are a lot more obvious and intuitive. You are either running after Stella, or moving away from her and listening to your ego (the inverted Sam). So it's basically:
1. Answer the phone or leave
2. Drive away or stay with your friend
3. Ask Stella to stay or answer the door
4. Shoot your ego or Stella
5. Leave or check the coffin for Stella's body

Btw, if you do all the Wishmaster choices, you get the only secret in the map, and that's the door behind you in the last area. It's a little shameless promotion of my music.

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