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Default Re: Let's Build a Cards Against Humanity Deck!

Seriously! Deck # 42 Part 2

Black Cards [Questions]

____ is what Neil Armstrong should have said when he walked on the Moon.
I would give ____ to get a Pancake.
I think that ____ with your mom is better than ____.
I found ____ in my beard!
Someone told me to try the chefs ____ special. Is it any good?
If I had ____ for every time I heard that, I would be rich!
I blame it all on ____.
If AIDS is the cure, you must have ____.
I like ____ about as much as I would like stabbing myself in the ____.
I like ____ and I can not lie!
Sorrow comes in two forms: Loss and ____.
____'s what she said.
Go go ____!
____. First time. Every time.
So ____ had a ____ slip on live TV.
Don't do ____, stay in school and get ____ instead.
Why is it that whenever I am ____ somebody calls the cops?
This is the best question for ____ jokes.
Would you like a taste of ____?
Hold on right there! Let me give you ____!
In this dangerous world, there is only one thing you can trust: ____.
I am ____ and nothing will stop me from ____!
This ____... it makes ____ fade away!
This reality became unstable due to ____.
C. A. Looby was looking for ____ inside the box, but there wasn't a box.
I'm riding ____ off into ____.
____ is tickling your ass, run!
Jimmy knew, from that point on, that ____ would never be the same.
When Jimmy looked out the window, what did he see?
My sensors detect dangerously high levels of ____ being exerted from ____.
That graveyard ghost is slurping ____.
Jimmy compared her bosom to ____.
____ in ____ like there is no tomorrow!
My three wishes are for ____, ____, and ____.
I like big ____ and I cannot lie.
Someday... I can be ____.
This is why we can't have nice things: ____.
I want ____ and I want it now!
____ may appear larger in the mirror.
Insanity. That thing that happens when you ____ and everyone dies.
What did you just do?
Why is there ____ in my salad?
I just caught you playing with ____ in the bathroom!
____: it's what's for dinner.
That's the last time I ____ for anybody.
You did what!?
Where's ____ when you need one?
How many ____ does it take to screw in a light bulb?
I said ____. She said ____. Talk about miscommunication!
They tell me ____ is better than sex. Is it? Pick 1

White Cards [Answers]

magical pussy
quivering cunt
slippery snatch
eager beaver
giant clitoris
puffy nipples
glistening areolas
titty hardon
my vag
ravenous vagina
vibrating strapon
pegging my bf
double penetration
the shocker
giving head
white supremecist
knuckle dragger
holy buttfuckery
my suicide
emo faggotry
whiny bitch
lazy piece of shit
danced on your corpse
teabagging your mom
fucked your dad
raped your goat
eternal gayness
all my holes
deep inside me
pussy farts
period juice
menstrual gruel
girl cum
squirting orgasm
swallowed it all
bukkake banzai
sloppy vagina
pickled urethra
reamed by an anteater
incest is best
fucked her fatrolls
superior cunt
puckering anus
two in the ass
jalepeno flavored butt-plug
ball sweat
kinky dragon
oral creampie
asian pimp
a baby with no arms or legs
my idiot child
greasy butthole
pierced labia
demon sperm
cockeyed weasel
bleeding nipples
anal creampie
docking sideways
asian vagina
my daddy kink
mommy's cockslut
feminazi bitch
crying into my applesauce
in too deep
fat bastard
forced circumcision
genital mutilation
black jesus
slavery ftw
the grand wizard
burning a cross
layers and layers of duct tape
aborting smart people
rabid squirrels
pirating WillMaker 2016
7 years of bad luck
impregnating a midget
the ultimate showdown with your family
an angry mob
chemical castration
man-meat taco
jewish penis implants
BDSM candid camera reruns
fecal discharge
rage quitting real life
the asian schlong
KILF - Kid I'd Like to Fuck
nigger parade
anthrax explosion
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