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Default Re: Let's Build a Cards Against Humanity Deck!

Seriously! Deck # 42 Part 3

Black Cards [Questions]

Which is longer? ____ or ____?
Why did I come here?
Best cock-blocking technique?
The cure for feminism?
The preferred method for date rape is?
I like ____, but she likes ____, so how do we fix this?
Shitty cards?
Pick 4 What would you give to this year's winner?
Your biggest fantasy?
I got raped. Why?
What would you do to get into her panties?
What is the best way to kill a mexican?
The best way to die?
First ____ and then ____, but now I have an STD.. WTF??
How should politicians die?
I sleep around a lot. That's why I have ____.
____ isn't funny, but ____ is fucking hilarious!
____ went to the ____ and got ____ with his ____.
Why is Mane short?
If your life revolved around compiling data.. what would be your preferred suicide method?
Shitty cards?
Pick 4 Minecraft. What's your first thought?
She wants it in the ass. What's your excuse?
Everything would be right with the world if we all got more ____.
The best things on the Internet are (pick 3): ____.
The worst thing that can happen to you while taking a shit?
Girls and boys have many things in common. My ____ inside them for starters...
I like sucking on ____'s big fat ____.
Play your best racist card now.
Sorry Officer, but the ____ on ____ was impossible to resist!
Create the most non-sensical sentence possible.
Would you rather cut off your ____, or live in shame with ____?
Rape is wrong. But ____ is wronger..?
The least you could do for a girl with a lisp?
Biggest fantasy: ____ and ____ at the same time.
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. I got it from ____. How about you?
Going for a hat trick. I want three ____ to put their ____ in my ass and grind.
Teen girls are like ants. Too many, they bite, and I want to murder them all with: ____.
Everything is okay if we ____.
Let's make rape great again with ____.
If you can't ____ an Eskimo child.. what can you do?
My little brother has ____, because I gave it to him.
I was just walking along and ____ ripped off my pants and shoved ____ up my ass.
If you voted for Trump that makes you a ____.
Hillary Clinton's ____ looks like a ____ that has been ____ through a ____.
Every man wants ____. Every woman wants ____. This might be a problem. Pick 2

White Cards [Answers]

saggy asshole
racially accepting gangbang
a Clorox nightcap
the right fucking answer
sodomizing a flock of pigeons
flee for our lives
twincest is best
suicide by cop
the entire football team in 3 hours
the great niggerlord
the Calhoun Effect
steampunked rocket dildo
sci-fi alien probe with human goo still on it
the last, best hope for anal
tri-fecting your face with a pitchfork
cyanide is happiness
suicide is more fun with friends
shot loads of acid-burning semen
ass to mouth with your brother
finding out your brother works at your favorite gloryhole
being skullfucked by a wild boar
your mom riding your lap on a 3-hour drive
Dahmer Construction Co.
Lecter Used Goods Ltd.
grab her by the pussy
maggot infested soul
moldy gym shorts
ripped off her labia with my teeth for food
getting a triple kill on the sidewalk
bowling for babies
headless dogs and cats
tranny phantom
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