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Default Finzy's Frozen Asylum

NOTE: Due to the forum downtime & backup, this showcase may be severely outdated in places...browse at your own responsibility, first post should be mostly accurate now though.

Welcome to mah humble home!

Check out Finzy's Finnish Delights (Lots of Photos! + 56k warning) also for my new photos!

Map trailers and more stuff on my FunkyFinzy YouTube Account: Clicky!

Links to older stuff:

Old photo showcase
Serious Sam Dollhouse
Horrifying Art

Currently showcasing whatever bits and pieces I can find.
This post is probably way outdated as I can't be bothered updating it these days.

*Current Projects*
Serious Box Solid, Metal Gear Solid inspired SS3 Stealth Mod (version: past v.1.25, already officially released)
Metropolis Market Square DM map for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter / SF:L HD (self modeled, Ratchet & Clank inspired) (Released, on Steam Workshop)
Serious Escape: Simian Encounter (Ape Escape themed campaign mod for SS3 in co-operation with Pan) -- RELEASED, MOD THREAD
Exception SP/COOP mappack for Serious Sam 3! Check newest pages for progress (Beta 095 out, link in sig) -- progress unknown...?
Serious Marine 3: Battle for Terra (helping out Pan + creating campaign) - Cancelled
Serious Fantasy Legends Pack (DM Maps & Player Models & Weapon Skins mod for SS3 AND SSHD) in co-operation with Pan -- V.4.0 CONTENT PATCH 3 RELEASED!! -- SSHD Edition

*Released Projects*
Badmoon Bog - Standalone campaign for Serious Sam 3 - RELEASE THREAD
Glade of Dreams SP/COOP Adaptive Survival map for Serious Sam 3
Watchman's Keep Serious Sam HD:TSE SP/COOP map
Finzy's Scrappack v.0.7 Beta for SS2 - Reuploaded!
Serious Sam 2 Deathmatch Pro Mod - Thread - ModDB Download
Serious Mind SS2 Singleplayer/Coop mappack - Found on Softpedia, missing from S! filesystem
Heaven Valley SS2 Singleplayer/Coop Map
Cube of Mysteries SS2 DM Map
Path Through the Woods SS2 Singleplayer/Coop map
Mountain Madness SS2 Singleplayer/Coop map
FW's Player Model Pack (SS2) - Think this may be lost entirely :/
Dark Halls of Myrandir Hack N' Slash NWN1 Module
The Banishment NWN 1 module
Lots of Tedious Sam comics; see links below!

*Unreleased/Canceled projects*

Dwarven Sanctuary SS2 DM Map
Dungeon Crawler SS2 SP Mappack
Serious Mind 2 SS2 SP Mappack
....and others
Lots of NWN2 modules

Download links;


Badmoon Bog Standalone SS3 SP/Co-Op Campaign

Glade of Dreams SS3 SP/Coop Adaptive Survival Map - FINAL RELEASE OUT!

EXCEPTION Serious Sam 3 Mappack

Watchman's Keep v.1.1 SP/Co-Op map for Serious Sam HD: TSE

Finzy's SCRAPPACK for Serious Sam 2

================================================== ===========

NOTE - From here on many of the links here may be outdated. If you find a non-working link and would like to download it, drop me a PM and I'll see if I can manage to restore it.

Worms Reloaded Speechbanks:

Cloud and Friends Speechbank

Jecht Speechbank

Gaybriel Angelos Speechbank

Minecraft Sound Mods:

Minecraft Dark Descent Sound Mod

Minecraft Worlds



Watchman's Keep

***SS2 MODS***

Serious Sam 2 Deathmatch Pro:

Seriously! link:

***SS2 MAPS***

***Finzy's Scrappack v0.7 Beta (REUPLOADED AND REMOTELY NEW :O)***

***Cube of Mysteries DM Map (Updated to v.1.15)***



***Serious Mind 2 Pre-Alpha Version SP/COOP Mappack (Updated to V.0.4)***


***FW's and TwL's DM Arena Mappack V.0.6***
(No longer available. All maps from this mappack are available in our Deathmatch Pro mod however.)

***Dwarven Sanctuary DM Map DEMO Version (Updated to v.0.6)***


***Dungeon Crawler DEMO Version***



***Path Through the Woods SS2 SP/Coop Map***


***Mountain Madness SS2 SP/Coop Map***


***Serious Mind V.1.10 SS2 SP/Coop Mappack***


(old filefront link doesn't work anymore)

***Heaven Valley SS2 Singleplayer/Coop Map V.1.10***


Filefront (High Quality Version)


***FW's Player Model Pack--- CONTAINS ALL MODELS I'VE MADE SO FAR***



(player models are installed the same way as maps; put the .gro files in your main SS2 directory)


(.....more coming soon....these games do not require the actual program to play)

Military Madness Part One: LINK DOESN'T WORK


***Dark Halls of Myrandir (NWN 1 Module)***


***The Banishment (NWN 1 Module)***



(FRESH! :O) Blitzball Stadium Comic!

(FRESH! :O) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Abridged Comic - How to pwn a giant gnaar with an oversized sword!

(FRESH! :O) Final Fantasy X: Tidus Fights Sinspawn

Tidus's Story - SS3 / Final Fantasy Comic (NEW! :O)

Issue 1


Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

***TEDIOUS SAM, a SS2 humour comic***
(Early issues may be missing due to outdated links, sorry...should be readable from issue 10 onwards. I'll see if I can find some old backups someday)

Comic n.1:
Comic n.2:
Comic n.3: (Normal)
Comic n.3 (Resized)
Comic n.4 (Normal)
Comic n.4 (Resized)
Comic n.5 (Normal)
Comic n.5 (Resized)
Comic n.6 (Normal)
Comic n.6 (Resized)
Comic n.7
Comic n.8 Part One:
Comic n.8 Part Two:
Comic n.9 Part One:
Comic n.9 Part Two:
Comic n.10:
Comic n.11:
Comic n.12:
Comic n.13:
Comic n.14:
Comic n.15:
Comic n.16:
Comic n.17:
Comic n.18:
Comic n.19:
Comic n.20:
Comic n.21:
(you can also download this comic from here)
Comic n.22:
Comic n.23:
Comic n.24:
Imageshack link:
Comic n.25:
Comic n.26:
Comic n.27:
Comic n.28:
Comic n.29 (Unofficial Epilogue):

***OKTOBERFEST, a TF 2 webcomic made in Garry's Mod***


Comic n.1:

***Snowman Showdown Part One (GMOD COMIC)***

Random Gmod 10 Crap:

Random Gmod 10 Crap Pt.2:

***Trackmania Nations Forever Tracks***

Save Me Doctor:

Kwongokan Isle:

================================================== =====

NOTE: Images removed from this post. Feel free to skip ahead, or you'll get confused.

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