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*Lightning-fast bump*

I know you all hate it, but....
It's now on Rapidshare.

Edit- small bit of backstory, you can check it via netricsa by pressing Tab in-game:

Ah, yes...the ol' good mountainy region of Kronor. A few days ago we received a help signal from a factory nearby. Apparently Mental's troops had decided to take over the factory and lay waste to it's Alliance workers. The factory is now under Mental's command and he will no doubt use it for his own advantage. We've got to kill those bastards and shut down the factory, Sam...fortunately I have already found the power source of the factory. It's far away from the factory itself, but lucky for us, there should be some teleporting equipment left near the building...if we could teleport ourselves near that power source and cut off the power, the factory could be shut down. That should please even those Sirian monkeys, ehh? Well, for now, you should try heading to the south, towards the factory. The teleporting equipment can be found from the yards at the right side of the factory, if I remember right...

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