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Umm...lets see...I can't access it in the game so I have to test it in the editor where the difficulty is unknown (probably hard) and I couldn't get near the Uzis because of the kleers and bonesnakes that were already spawned so I died.

2 lives left. I now have the rocket launcher. T-mech keeps spawning in the same place after I destroy the one before it meaning I don't know there's one there while I fight off spiders, kamikazes, clowns and small orc footballers. Died

1 life left: Started again because there's no markers. Went the other way from where the rocket launcher is. Enemies get too close and I blow myself up.

I could probably finish and rate it if I could play it on an easier difficulty but I can't play it ingame as I said earlier

I liked the way the T-mech smashed down the trees though
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