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*Quick bump again*

The map has been updated. This Pre-Release Version, or whatever you want to call it, includes Coop support plus has chapters to satisfy those players who use the lives system.

(Filefront doesn't work for me now)

If you don't mind *not* having invisible walls to prevent you from doing anything stupid, then download!

New in this update:
-Big framerate improvements (Now runs smoothly at 60-80 FPS when no enemies are nearby; at battles it runs at 28-50 FPS on my computer---thanks to finalizing!)
-Coop support
-Chapters (Respawning is possible)

Things To Do:
-Add barriers. Nothing else, so it's really almost finished!

Oh yeah and the enemy count is 670. Pretty much for a 20min map...however there are lots of big battles, especially in the end.

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