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Default D-6.gro: The Russian Horror Mod

Okay, D-6.gro is a Russian Horror Mod Released in 2003 by someone presumably Named Alfred, I Think. It is a Simple Mod, you just Walk Around, Noises of Metal and Children Singing in Reverse, and get Killed by something called the Waster, as in the Files here: at the End.

The Waster has the Aphex Twin Mutant Face, is in a Grey Dress, and Wields a Pole, for Mutilation.

Alright, since we have gotten that Over, let us Talk about the Symbols that Appear in the Mod, they Correspond to a Negative Emotion, Like Egoism, Hatred and Malevolence, but where did they Originate from? Alfred? An Ancient Slavic Cult? Or is it Part of the Kakieto Hieroglyphs? Who Knows?

But All we do Know, is that the D in D-6.gro, Stands for Dysthymia.
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