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Default Re: D-6.gro: The Russian Horror Mod

We're talking about D-6 again?
Well, with all due respect it's one hell of a 'russian creepy pasta' mod
Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
Word of warning I heard there's a malware infested version of this mod (there's an existing thread for this btw)
death version, apparent comes with an 'installer'.
SLAwww hooked me up with both versions though I dare not install the Death/Malware version, not without a VM or something.

There's folder and file names that when translate say stuff like: Croak, Little Advice-Perish
also, can only one translate this? я вырву твои сраные глаза и ты сдохнешь в луже дерьма и крови

there are some clues however i feel might uncover this mod better, but I need someone who can read Russian for it:

the levels give off errors when you try to open them in the editor, I want to know what these messages read.
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