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Default Re: D-6.gro: The Russian Horror Mod

Originally Posted by Captain_Russia View Post
All negative features of the human mind, kinda like the 7 sins. Strange thing is, after digging around I have a theroy that this mod was built from Dark Radiance, but that can't be if it's been around since 2003 (DR coming from like 2006 or something).
I think this because:
A: DR has the hatred symbol for it's mod icon, or, atleast the version I have does, strangely SLAwww says he never remembered anything like that
B: The controls for D-6 match DR's

Strangely enough as mentioned before, while SLAwww gave me the mod, he doesn't see how they are connected, but I personally feel he is somehow involved in D6. Directly or Indirectly

EDIT: Another thing I'd like to point is this mod has 2 jumpscares (the last encounter wasn't scary, just, cringe inducing), but the 2 it does have are very well done, really got me by surprise!

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Okay, but the Thing at the End that Kills you is Known as the Waster, as in the Files here:
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