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Default Re: Can anyone beat the game with no deaths in one playthrough?

Been a few years since I dropped in here.......but I feel compelled to note that I recorded complete-level demos for both First Encounter and Second Encounter on Serious difficulty. They're in the Files section.

(Disclaimer: These were recorded with the out-of-the-box versions of the original games, that is, version 1.00 for FE and (I think) 1.05 for SE. If you play them on the patched versions of the game, some of the demos (Sand Canyon, Dunes and Karna in FE, and I think City of the Gods in SE) won't play correctly and will show Sam dying partway through the level.

I'm debating reinstalling the games so I can capture the demos to video and then upload them to my Youtube channel. Then I'll have proof for anybody without having to watch them in-game.

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