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Default Re: [OFFICIAL RFC] What to fix in the next patch?

sup this is my suggestion list
-----------------Versus changes------------
knife -reduce dmg from 100 to 75, remove or fix backstab because when u hit a player in a back it couts as normal CUT (it just happens sometimes....... k like 35% of the time)

colts- just like zeb said no point to have reload on this weapon

tommygun- make it 75% more accurate, so we can use this weapon for something

minigun- reduce the dmg from 20 to 10 make it 900 shoots/min (600 is now)

rockets- speed them up OR make splash dmg 75 from 50 (classic had 75)

grenades- reduce the dmg from 175 to 100, splash dmg max 100 , increse the fire angle to 15-25 degree ,right now u need to aim very high so that nade will go where u want maybe its cos of games gravity i dono ; / but its not the same as it was in classic

sniper-reduce dmg from 300 to 140 zoomed and without
----------non Versus (single/coop)-------------------

shotty single and double- 2x faster fire speed

tommygun- just like for versus more accurate 75%

rockets- speed them up

grenades- higher shooting angle just like in versus suggested

so there u go simple changes that in my opinion should balance things.
------------other changes------------
in custom options when creating a server add
allow third person on/off when off u wont be able to turn on 3rd person, (default will be on )
allow powerups on/off same here default is on
--when infinate ammo is On make sure that ammo boxes are removed from map , only boxes that trigger the events should stay
-- allow armor items and health items- this does not work properly when off items are still on the mp (versus)
--serious damage should be x2 damage not x3
--- at configure keys i want to pick knife first then chainsaw example... when u use rockets and u swich to 1 and u have both chainsaw and knife it wil first go to chainsaw and then to knife but u want to use a knife so make some simple thing that will allow us to edit wich weapons we want first to pick ( i hope u all get what i mean )

k thats it for now

i agree with most of stuff that was posted here that netcode needs a fix and dlc maps have to work and other stuff BUT my weapon changes are better

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