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Default Re: [OFFICIAL RFC] What to fix in the next patch?

Originally Posted by Valerie Valens View Post
I think a better idea would be to have the player's movement added to the rocket's starting velocity, which decays into the rocket's usual speed and angle.
if i unerstand this correcly it will work like this example..rocket speed 150 , player run speed 100 so the rocket that he will fire while running will have 250 speed?

player standing 0 speed and shooting that will just make 150 speed

if falling 300+ and more and+ 150 from rocket that will give 450++

if u mean something like that then i like it a lot, basicly it wont be possible to shoot yourselfe while u fall this would look amazing on jump over map with the bouncers that give u super jump so the rocket would have 700++ speed xD
i would like to see this happening if possible
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