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Default Re: Serious Sam Origins

Kazuya: Both the Grenade Launcher and the Lasergun is real, it was in the alpha.

So, finally we see this project. Pretty good, you really have managed to fix up all the levels and problems. Looking forward to it.

Before someone brings up the thing in that Revolution newsthread:

Serious Sam Revolution and Serious Sam Origins are brother projects. Incidentally, they are also like the Protoss and the Zerg from Starcraft. They were both commissioned by Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric, in hope that in the end, we will merge the two projects and work together, finally reuniting the Russian community with the rest of the world.

The wrong cog in his machine was me, because as soon as I got permission to reveal the alpha content, I posted the news about it, before he could contact the Origins team about the same thing. This resulted in that little fight in the thread. Though Roman still says that it's also his fault that he never mentioned the other project to each of the teams.

However, after a long night of discussion, we have reached a solution: While Origins will be released sooner than Revolution, there will be also a version on Steam, standalone and bundled with Revolution. How that version will differ from the original is yet undecided, but we will announce this whole thing officially as soon as everything is decided.

This post is just by me to inform this community that there are no problems, no illegal leaks or anything here, this is a proper, Croteam backed project (though I guess Roman's post was a lot more convincing). Stay tuned for official announcements about all this as soon as it develops, later.

On the other hand, I'm curious about the music as well, since our Alpha resources got none originally.
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