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Default Re: Serious Sam Origins

Originally Posted by PikaCommando View Post
1. Will there be (not hidden) papyrus indicating the presence of a secret level?
2. Are the secret levels from In The Flesh, designed-to-be-secret levels maps from the original build or custom maps?
3. Can we get a screenshot of Y-Knot?
4. Will Sam talk?
1. Maybe.
2. They are from the original pre-release build, but are finalized by our team. For one of those levels we had to build about 90% of its content from scratch.
3. Yes, you'll see it next time when we upload a portion of materials related to the mod. Despite Y-Knot being ready on code side, we are still working on texts for it.
4. Yes. In Russian. If we don't find anyone willing to help us with voice acting.
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