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Default Maps for the Serious Violence mod

I'm looking for a mod that I used to have but have lost. It's either a map or a mappack that depends on the Serious Violence mod for SS:SE. I played it a few years ago.

It was big, probably not as big as Rusutaku assault but somewhat like it. I think near the start there were some tunnels in the sky that were filled with water that you could swim through. I remember having to be careful not to fall to death at some point there. I remember seeing the green bio-mechanoid with machineguns inside a cliff. Later on in the map/pack there was a part that looks a bit like the level The city of the Gods. It's a very large environment, there was a wide path with grass and walls on the sides, then a part of the map with a lot of either rope bridges or wooden planks. The placement of objects in the map was a bit of a mess there. I think near the end there was a long and wide bridge with an insane battle on it. I also remember fighting a battle either downhill or uphill towards some kind of castle or other building that had a garden.

Maybe some of my memories are incorrect such as because I confused different maps. If so I would be happy if I could find just any of these maps again.
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