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Default Interesting thing I found out about 2nd to last level in Serious Sam 3

Apparently, a large part of this level takes place in Ramesseum.

Ramesseum was a memorial temple dedicated to pharaoh Ramesses II.

For anyone who doesn't know yet, Ramesses II did a battle against Hittites. He had poor scouting and planning with the Hittite army arriving before expected time. Only last-minute reinforcements in the battle saved the battle for becoming a defeat for them. After that a peace treaty was signed with Hittites.

However, Ramesses II did a lot of propaganda after that, announcing how he single-handedly and heroically defeated the Hittite army in a battle.

So basically, this means that Sam humiliates Ramesses II by single-handedly defeating Mental's army on a ground dedicated to a pharaoh who claimed to single-handedly defeating the opposing army.
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