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Default Re: Latest Official Patch Releases For Steam Versions

Levels\mental.wld is the culprit. You've probably saved it in SS:R and then copied to a SS Classic folder. You can open most SS:R levels with SeriousEditor.exe, but any SS:R level can crash SeriousSam.exe on startup. You should remove the file Levels\mental.wld from the "Levels" directory.
SS:R levels import feature was only meant for mappers who wish to switch back to the Classic SS1. The game itself will never load SS:R levels directly.
Originally Posted by PikaCommando View Post
By the way, by having widescreen officially supported, does that mean the weapon viewmodel getting cut off and the sniper rifle changing fov when switched into are fixed?
Weapon viewmodels are fixed. Sniper riffle doesn't seem to have any problems either, does it?
Originally Posted by PikaCommando View Post
Also, is it possible to make an Editor function/entity that allows things to target the player?
That has nothing to do with Steam updates. There are some mods that allow that, take XBOX mod for example.
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