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Default Re: The Talos Principle Info

Destructoid's interview with Tom Jubert (June 18, 2014): Interview
TegraZone's interview with Tom Jubert (June 19, 2014) (video)(3:52): Interview
Project 510's interview with Tom Jubert and Davor Tomicic (July 10, 2014) (video)(13:46): Interview
Gamereactor's interview with Tom Jubert (July 23, 2014) (video)(4:20): Interview
Xsolla's interview with Damjan Mravunac (August 19, 2014): Interview
The Videogame Backlog's interview with Tom Jubert (September 11, 2014): Interview
GamingBolt's interview with Croteam (October 1, 2014): Interview
PixelDynamo's interview with Tom Jubert (October 5, 2014): Interview
Gamereactor's interview with Jonas Kyratzes (October 14, 2014) (Video)(9:30): Interview
VentureBeat's interview with Alen Ladavac (November 4, 2014): Interview
Motherboard's interview with Croteam (December 8, 2014): Interview
Gamechurch's interview with Jonas Kyratzes (December 8, 2014) (podcast)(1:03:01): Interview
LikeCroatia's interview with Croteam (December 15, 2014): Interview
In-Game Chat's interview with Damjan Mravunac (December 16, 2014) (podcast)(video)(1:51:29): Interview

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