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Default Re: The Feature Request Thread

Originally Posted by Nevermore2790 View Post
I'm talking about the camera bobbing if Sharp Turning is OFF. (Why do I have to post this again?) Anyway, it's because for example if you strafe right, the camera do a roll to the right as well. However, if you continue moving while not strafing (backwards or forward), the camera roll is still in that strafing mode unless you jumped or stop moving. Same goes by strafing left too.....
Sorry I must had misunderstood your grammar structure.

Also, what I also want to request is featuring smooth animation transitions (It's because they instantly transition to another animation like a "robot.") that's now present in today's Serious Sam games which it first began on Serious Sam XBox.
Personally I like the old school look. It also runs much faster afaik.
What would be involved is converting ALL animated models to a skeletal animation system, then reprogramming everything to use them.
This is what Croteam did in SS1:xbox. From what I've used in the skeletal system, this would simply not be worth the effort.
The purpose of SSR as I understand it, is to simply bring the original game to 64bit systems and internet.
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