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Default Re: Clown Temple.

Not much - here it is from the log which is the same. I've left out all the workshop content and controller not found messages - that is all there is.

[13:56:55] Initializing TCP/IP...
[13:56:55] opening as server
[13:56:55] opened socket:
[13:56:55] Starting session: 'Nifrans_Out'
[13:56:55] level: 'Levels\NifranTays_Levels\ClownTemple_01r1.wld'
[13:56:55] spawnflags: 00040002
[13:56:55] max players: 2
[13:56:55] waiting: 1
[13:56:55] network is on
[13:57:10] Creating Steam lobby...
[13:57:10] Local connection
[13:57:10] started.
[13:57:10] Adding player: '^onifran_tay^r'
[13:57:10] done.
Current WIP for SS:FE:- Clown Temple Prt 1-3, Duke Project 1, Aquaduct of Shalm, The Last Resort, Oblivion Fort, Canyon Run - Nifran's Remix.
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