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Default Re: Old Timer has passed

Hey L-D. I know you are still here, you are the eternal caretaker here
Doing a great job still, as always. Glad to see you are doing well, and still taking care of S! for the rest of us.

Hey NMR. Good to hear from you too. I have noticed that you do stay in contact here, I should too, but I get wrapped up in other doo-doo all the time, heh heh. Wow, you still hear from Os? Haven't heard from Oswald on here in years, or Booger. Glad to see Viper still in here. Always liked Viper. Remember putting his name in as a nomination for to be a Tribune. He was always liked by everyone here and very level headed, and good hearted.

Hey JohnN. Not really calling you old, buddy, heh heh. Just a figure of speech, though you and I are pretty much older than most on here. Funny, how the older you get, the further off "being old', seems to be. Nice to retire at 55. All the best to the wife and yours.

Take care all.
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