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Default Re: Garry's Mod 10 on Steam today

Originally Posted by F1NLAND-Warrior View Post
I'll agree with typhoon-man. It shouldn't be even considered a mod- since when have people started paying to play third-party game modifications, anyway? I think the whole idea of Gmod is going a bit too far away. It was meant to be just a fun sandbox modification that anyone could play with- for free anyway, since it didn't include any new materials, as most of the models and stuff were from the normal game. I sure hope other modders won't follow this idea...
Boy, I sure hope other people that pour hundreds of hours into development don't get paid for their time. I mean, they just don't deserve it - because I want it free.

But I do expect them to continue to throw their personal time into their work and make constant updates that kick ass. Kekeke.
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