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Default Stuck at Forsaken Compound

I'm on the map 'forsaken compund' and I just cleared off a wave of enemies that spawn across catwalks about a swamp area in front of two big doors. Mostly tanks on the catwalks, the footsoldiers with the laser guns and witches.

Everything is dead now, the music is in 'normal' mode, not action mode so I know there's not some badguy stuck in a crack somewhere I need to kill, but the big double doors are locked still. I've looked all over the place for a switch or a way around but I'm not making any progress. I can't get up on the catwalk, there's two big shipping containers angled like you can walk up them and get on the roof near the double doors, and I can make it up there, but I'm blocked by invisible walls.

Anyone know where I'm talking about? I can't figure out what to do to progress.
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